Meet the Team

Tony Rodriguez

Project Manager

Tony began his career with Washington Express in 2009 where he was hired as a dispatcher assistant and quickly was promoted to a full-time dispatcher in 2010. As a dispatcher Tony became experienced in handling the scheduling, monitoring, routing and overseeing of 15-20 couriers at any one time to ensure timely delivery and efficient operations. While Tony excelled in dispatching, we knew he strived for more exposure in the company. Washington Express Movers experienced significant growth in 2012 and the company needed a responsive, thorough, knowledgeable and professional project manager to manage and oversee all customer inquiries, develop and submit custom moving quotes, oversee and route the fleet of movers and moving trucks and provide direct contact to the client throughout the moving process and knew that Tony was the right person for the job.

Dennis Agak

IC Move Consultant

Dennis Agak’s background in project coordination and customer satisfaction made him the perfect addition to the Washington Express Movers Team. Dennis began working with Washington Express as a freight courier back in 2006 and has since built his expertise in the day-to-day details of each aspect of delivery. As one of our Move Supervisors, Dennis continues to coordinate and execute the programming, planning and design, and overall scheduling and control of our moves. He works closely with both staff and our customers to ensure all client standards are maintained and followed throughout the process.

Pratik Patel

Project Manager

Pratik began his career with Washington Express in 2015 where he was hired as a dispatcher. We learned he was a quick study and he was able to integrate new ideas into old systems. Since then, Pratik has become a jack of all trades and we utilize him in nearly every venture Washington Express takes on. Washington Express Movers has experienced significant growth over the last year and naturally we wanted Pratik to assist in continuing that growth.


Andrew Tandau

IC Move Consultant

Andrew Tandau began working with Washington Express back in 2010 and quickly became a valued member of our team.  Andrew started as a freight courier with Washington Express and excelled in his performance and coordination of each job.  When Washington Express Movers experienced significant growth, his professional and adaptable demeaner was just what the team needed.  As a Move Supervisor, Andrew coordinates activities with engineers, technologies, building service staff, contractors, vendors, and movers.  Working side by side with Dennis, they act as direct liaisons for our customers to ensure complete satisfaction.

Mike Miller


With more than 30 years’ experience in the Washington DC logistics and delivery market, Mike brings a level of expertise and experience that is vital to Washington Express Movers. His career started in sales at Sky Courier back in the 1980s before the company was sold. Mike’s work managing and directing the sales, marketing and client accounts divisions of Washington Express and Washington Express Movers has been pivotal in the success and profitability of both divisions. When it comes to office moving companies, Washington Express Movers is the top choice.

Sam Mnkande


General Manager, Sam Mnkande brings a unique knowledge of logistics operations in the Washington D.C. area dating back more than 30 years as a delivery driver himself. His experience and knowledge of delivery operations have been an advantage to the company. Sam’s strategic planning and operational procedures have allowed Washington Express and Washington Express Movers to develop the reputation of being the fastest, most reliable delivery option in the area for more than 30 years