Packing Services


At Washington Express Movers, we understand the challenges involved with packing and moving an office.  That’s why we believe in options.  We want the process to be as efficient as possible so your employees aren’t distracted for long.  Want us to pack the entire office? We can do that. Would you rather do your own packing or only have certain items you want us to pack? We can do that too.

 Full-Service Packing

Let our professional movers take care of it all! From wrapping to packing, we’ll make sure your belongings are moved safely and securely.  We take a full inventory and make sure each item is clearly tagged with our professional moving labels. This option eliminates much of the stress involved in the moving process, especially if your business is strained for time or resources.

Partial Packing

Perhaps you have a limited budget or feel more comfortable packing most of the items yourself.  Whatever your reasoning, our team is flexible and ready to meet your packing needs. Have awkwardly-shaped or fragile items you’d rather have us pack the day of? We’ll take care of it.

DIY Packing

Want to take care of the packing yourself? No worries! We’ll provide you with our packing tips to get started. At Washington Express Movers, you also have the option to rent our e-crates for to pack your items when it’s convenient for you. Save yourself the hassle of buying and disposing of cardboard boxes.  Schedule a time, and we’ll even drop them off and pick them up when you’re ready!


Also interested in our unpacking services? Our moving team can fully unpack your items, simply move your furniture and boxes to the correct office, or a mixture of the two! Our project manager will work with you ahead of time to determine the appropriate layout for your new office or unpack and assembly an office to be identical to the original. Need us to haul away your boxes or are in need of disposal?  Find out more about our disposal services here.


Contact us today and let us know how we can help with your move. Not sure where to start? Speak with one of our move coordinators and check out our Packing and Safety Tips.