Packing and Safety Tips

Packing and Safety Tips

General Packing Tips

  • Early preparation for your move is important and encouraged by Washington Express Movers. This includes packing, labeling and safely setting aside everything for your move date.
  • Using labels provided by Washington Express Movers will help organize office contents at your old and new office locations.
  • Preparing a floor plan for the new office can be very helpful. Our movers can stage office contents based on the floor plan and can aid your employees on labeling boxes and crates.
  • Use a pen or sharpie to indicate the proper office or room number on everything that will be moved. This includes desks, chairs, floor mats, bookcases, lamps, boxes and crates.
  • If packing yourself, do a final check before the move to make sure all of your boxes are properly taped and labeled.

Safety Tips

  • For security reasons, please do no pack the following:
    • anything of high monetary value (cash, jewelry, business cards)
    • identifications cards and licenses
  • For safety reasons, please do no pack the following:
    • aerosol cans
    • fire extinguishers
    • batteries
    • alcohol
    • flammables (matches, lighters, lighter fluid, etc.)
    • ammonia and other cleaning agents
    • paints, thinners and oils

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