Office Movers

Office Movers

"Washington Express Movers is now my go-to for all my moving needs. Fast, secure, easy to schedule and the most conscientious movers I've ever dealt with! Their prices are competitive and their service is second to none. I really look forward to continue working with Washington Express Movers for all our moving needs, whether it's simply moving an office down the hall or an entire office across town!"

Is your company faced with an upcoming office relocation and want to know your commercial moving options? Do you have a practice, group or division moving from one location to an off-site location, or maybe the whole firm is moving, and now you need all the resources of a large, traditional mover but don't want to pay big league rates? Contact one of our move consultants to get an instant quote for your move. Yes, it’s that easy. Our commercial moving services are straightforward and affordable, so be sure to give us a call today.


Our movers have successfully completed our in-house training program and have worked on hundreds of relocations, so they know what it takes to wrap, pack, load, and unload your items quickly and safely to minimize your downtime. We have the tools, the knowledge, and the dedication to ensure that you get a job done right every time you need us.

Why choose out Office Relocation Services?

Every office move is led and managed by an experienced and professional working supervisor who is responsible for being your on-site point person and who will ensure that all your instructions are followed carefully. We want you to feel in control of your move, so any questions or concerns you may have can be asked directly to the supervisor or project manager. Your project manager will oversee the moving process and adjust anything you might need to make your move easier and seamless.

Contact the Office Movers you can trust

Your business and your employees matter to us. That’s why we always do our best to move all equipment and supplies as carefully as possible. With an unparalleled attention to detail and passion for what we do, we can guarantee that Washington Express Movers is the team to call. Contact us today to learn more about our services and receive a quote. Also, don’t forget to download our office moving checklist! We want you to feel as prepared as possible for our team to assist with your move, big or small.

Preparing for your Office Move

Many offices and companies require their employees to pack up their own office spaces, including their filing cabinets and even their desks. While requesting that your employees move all their personal items is completely reasonable, we know that they aren’t ready to handle the heavy lifting. Download our Relocation Guide for more tips on how to prepare for the move.

Preparing for the New Space

With a new space comes new opportunities. You may have plans for new furnishings or layout design to open up your work space and encourage productivity. Old desks may no longer be needed, and current decorations could be discarded in the transition. Make sure you understand your options before you begin packing—including what to do with old and unwanted documents, the moving schedule, and how to handle old or unwanted furniture. 

Office Movers

Conquer the Filing Cabinets

An office move is a perfect time to clear out the filing cabinets and get rid of files that are no longer necessary. Depending on your business, this might be the most difficult part of the move. First, make sure your employees know what documents need to be kept. Those which are no longer necessary should either be shredded or recycled, whichever is in line with your company’s protocol. After packing all the files in our moving crates, make sure to label them with the room number or cubicle of whom the files belong to to ensure they are delivered to the proper desk. It never hurts to make a general note on the box regarding the contents so that your employees know what to unpack first.

Personal Items

We make sure to identify personal items you have and provide the special care and protection for them. While we will transport personal items from one location to the next, many people prefer to transport personal items themselves. That way, they can always have access to them during the relocation and they don't have to look through the boxes or crates for them. 

Project Mangers you can trust

What makes Washington Express Movers stand out above the rest? On top of our dedicated and knowledgeable professionals, we send an office move project manager alongside our team to ensure that everything is completed smoothly and quickly. We know you have a lot to do during your move, so let our project managers lay out the plan, guide you through the process, and ensure that you are happy with the end results. We are not happy until you are. 

Why a professional office moving project manager?

Our folks are trained to plan for unforseen issues and tackle them head-on before they ever have a chance to develop. Their job is to help your staff worry about their own work rather than manage an office move. Chances are, they haven’t worked on overseeing a move before, meaning that they won’t necessarily know what to do in case something goes wrong.

Our project managers keep a close eye on time and budgets. We want your move to run smoothly, without unnecessary interruptions to your business. Our managers respect your budget and want to work within the time frame that your company requests. They know where to suggest money and time-saving options, especially because they can see your company’s current layout and needs with an external eye. We would love to help your move be a quick and easy success, so contact us today to get in touch with one of our professional project managers. 

Looking for a smoother Move?

Moving isn’t just tossing stuff in a box and heading on your way. By planning ahead for a commercial move, you are much more likely to have your business back up and running in no time at all. And, if you plan well, you won’t lose any time during your hours of operation. Here are some tips to help you get your move completed quickly, on time, and within budget.

  • Plan the move early. The sooner you begin preparation, the easier it will be for you and your employees. Most relocations are planned about three months in advance. If you want yours to be successful, we recommend having at least this much time.
  • Hire professional movers.  Professional office movers bring value, experience and the proper resources to your move. When a company tries to move itself, you can cause significant liability issues for your company if an employee gets injured. Hire expert moving professionals. Let us do our job so you and your team can do theirs. 
  • Ask us about our insurance. We would be happy to provide proof of our insurance. Many office buildings require a Certificate of Insurance prior to any moving activity occurring.
  • Inquire about specific coverage for high value goods. Have questions about how your items are covered during the move? Learn more about standard and replacement valuation
  • Schedule the move with both buildings. We suggest you communicate when you will be performing your move at both buildings as soon as you have a firm move date. Your move will most likely need to be completed outside of standard business hours, as many buildings will not delegate elevator and loading dock access. The weekend or evenings are the best time for such moves.
  • Check with your new building about their specific requirements. There may be regulations as far as the amount of time you can be parked at the building, as well as how the floors are covered or protected during a move. Also, most buildings will require you to reserve an elevator in advance.
  • Communicate with employees. The earlier you talk to your team and let them know what the plan is, the more likely it is that the move will go smoothly. They can begin packing their personal items without much delay a couple days prior to the move. 
  • Choose what printed materials need to be changed. Anything that has your physical address will likely need to be updated, including envelopes, letterhead, or business cards.
  • Announce the move. Inform any clients who regularly stop in that your business will be moving as soon as you have the new location finalized. You can send out emails, create flyers, or whatever you may need to get the message out. Use the move as a talking point to reinforce strategy goals centered on growth. 

Office Movers

  • Ask us about packing. Packing can be a challenging part of your move, but we are happy to help. Contact Washington Express Movers for additional assistance.
  • Take inventory. You will want to know exactly what needs to be transported to the new location. That way, if something goes missing, you’ll be able to quickly discover what it is and where it may have gone.
  • Arrange a walkthrough of the new building. It's important to ensure that everything is ready for business. There should be no leaks, no broken bulbs, or any other issues that will affect your goal of a first class positive work environment.
  • Inquire about the HVAC schedule. Should you choose to move your business over the weekend, you will want to know if they turn off the heating or the air over the weekends. That could make your moving conditions quite uncomfortable.
  • Give your employees time to pack. Not all of them will be able to stay after hours to pack up all their belongings. Providing them with a few hours on the day before the move is what we recommend. Direct them to take their personal items with them. If their new office environment allows for plants and other personal items they can bring them to the new office after the move. 
  • Keep a couple managers onsite during the move. You can keep one at the old building and one at the new just to oversee what’s going on. However, try not to bring in many more managers than that, as they could get in the way of the movers and our team!
  • Test your internet and data before the move. If your internet isn’t correctly set up, the IT team will not be able to set up fully before operations have to begin. And if your business relies heavily on computers, this could be a serious issue.
  • If you use IT equipment, make sure it’s moved first. This will allow your IT team to work quickly setting up phones, computers, and whatever else your business needs.

Of course, we want to do our part to ensure that your office move runs smoothly and efficiently. Don’t hesitate to call us for more advice and to schedule your moving date.

What We Do Differently

We want you to know that our company strives to be the best when it comes to office moving services in the D.C. area. That’s why we offer the following services:

  • A pre-move consultation (walkthrough) to go over the details of your project
  • A detailed and comprehensive written cost estimate so you can plan your budget ahead of time
  • Full project management with an on-site manager to direct the move
  • Crate rental
  • Furniture installation
  • Furniture decommissioning
  • Commercial storage
  • Disposal and Donation Services

Office Movers

We want you to know that your business doesn’t just stop because you need to move. That's why we send movers when it is most convenient for your business, whether that means day or night. It's all the same to us and this is why we do not charge overtime for night or weekend moves. If we need to move your office in sequences, that can be arranged as well. Together, we will make a plan that makes sense for your company. Reach out now to talk to one of our moving consultants. Whether you need to plan for a move six months away or one for this afternoon, our office moving team is ready.