Select the Best Office Mover with these Tips

Select the Best Office Mover with these Tips

Relocating your office?

In a crowded sea of options, you might feel overwhelmed. Where to even begin?

The first step is to choose the right company for the job. You want a company that is trustworthy, reliable, and efficient. You want the experience to flow as smoothly as possible.

Do your research first. Make sure your mover can fit together these essential pieces of the puzzle:

Before the Move

Your mover should take the time to discuss the intricacies of the process with you. Each office move is unique, and your mover should fully address your unique needs as an organization. At Washington Express Movers, our move coordinators are friendly, courteous, and thorough, and will take the time to discuss any of your questions or concerns. We will draft a written proposal for you which fully describes each aspect of your office move, and a plan for how we propose to execute the required work. This draft is subject to your approval.

This part of the process is especially crucial for specialty office moves; your input is critical in shaping the plan. We understand that. There might be something unique that a mover needs to address—they might need to come onsite before moving day to premove certain items to an off-site location or assist in premove training with your employees .

What about the money? You don’t want any ugly surprises after the job is done. Make sure to select an office mover who won’t spring hidden charges on you at the end. You have a budget. Your mover should offer a clear pricing structure; they should also give you a full breakdown of the proposed costs for your job. Washington Express Movers will provide you with a detailed cost estimate, and will always address any questions beforehand.

During the Move

Your move needs to proceed like a well-oiled machine, fully coordinated and operating smoothly. We offer onsite supervision services to make sure all of the “moving pieces” are in place.

Your movers should also be trained in the science of maneuvering large items in small places. Nobody wants their office facility to be damaged, on entry or exit. Our movers are trained in techniques to minimize damage to your facility.

Do you have pieces that need to be specifically installed in your new office? Your mover should not just drop things off and leave them at your new location; look for a mover who offers furniture installation services so everything will be ready to go.

After the Move

Your office may contain bulky pieces of furniture which you’ve decided to get rid of, and your mover should be able to help. Washington Express Movers offers furniture decommissioning services. We will also assist you in donating surplus furniture.

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Make your commercial move a pleasant experience. Contact Washington Express Movers and enjoy a hassle-free, organized moving experience. Select us for your office move, and you’ll know right away that you’ve made the best choice.