Move Your Book Collection Without Damage

Move Your Book Collection Without Damage

If you’re planning an office move, you may be wondering how to safely transport your book collection. After all, you’ve been collecting these items for years and some you would consider valuable or include older books that are fragile. At Washington Express Movers, we want to make sure your items are efficiently and securely packed so no damage is caused to your keepsakes. Keep reading for helpful tips on how to pack your book collection.

Donate Unwanted Books

Before you pack up unnecessary material, go through your book shelf and donate the books that haven’t been touched in years. Donate to the local library, used book store or nearest Goodwill.

Gather Packing Supplies

Make sure to use a packing crate or solid box that can hold the weight of your books. If using a cardboard box, you will need packing tape to seal the top and bottom and add extra support for your contents. You’ll also need bubble wrap or packing paper and stiff cardboard separators for high value or fragile items.

Packing Hardcover Books

Pack hardcover editions by placing them in the box standing upright with the spine against the box’s side, just like how you would place them on a bookshelf. For books that are of moderate value, wrap them individually using packing paper. For high value or fragile items, you’ll also want to put cardboard in between each book to prevent any movement and use bubble wrap or extra packing paper to line the box.

 Packing Paperbacks

Paperback books can be stacked flat or packed spine first with the paper edges facing up. This will prevent the book pages to bend. If extra room is left in the box, use wadded up paper to fill the remaining space so the books don’t shift during the move.

Storing Your Books

If your book collection will be going to storage for a long period of time, make sure the storage facility is climate controlled as you’ll want your books to stay dry and cool. If there are any high value books in your collection, you may want to consider using acid free paper when packing instead of regular packing paper. Acid-free paper won’t deteriorate or turn yellow over time.