Moving Employees with Your Office Move

Moving Employees with Your Office Move

For whatever reason, it’s time for your business to pick up from your current spot and move! Some businesses need to move to downsize; others make the leap to expand and hire more employees. No matter why you are moving, it’s time to consider what you will do to keep your employees’ best interests in mind. It is crucial to make them feel as though they are a part of the move, and that you still care about their contributions to the company.

Disclose the New Location

Telling your employees about the new office as soon as you can is important. They will need to plan on any potential changes to their daily commute. If your office is located in Washington D.C., we recommend taking a look at public transit and seeing if your new office is accessible. If not, you may have a difficult time with employees who need to make the switch to the new office. Keep this in mind, and be ready to offer suggestions to those who may have a harder time getting into work.

Help Where You Can

If there are issues with the new location, make sure to address these problems as soon as you can. Also, do as much as possible to assist! For example, if they will need to pay for parking, you may need to offer to reimburse them for this cost. Even those of you who cannot offer incentives or other assistance should inform your employees as early as possible before the move. Some workers may need to find different employment options to meet their transportation needs and find a smaller commute.

Offer Flexibility

If your business is moving into the heart of Washington D.C., then your employees may be feeling stressed about parking, the commute, and traffic. If at all possible, offer some flexibility. Let your employees work from home, allow them to come in later or earlier—whatever it takes to make them feel more at ease with the new situation.

Keep Communication Open

By regularly updating your staff on the progress of the move, you can address any questions and concerns as they arise. Keep everyone in the loop to avoid any gossip or hearsay from getting out of hand. Also, open up a forum for employees! They will likely have questions about the change, and encouraging them to ask you these questions can prevent drama later on.

We also recommend sharing a timeline with your employees so that they know when it’s time to pack, when the office move takes place, and what day the new office is up and open for business.

Ask for Opinions

While everyone has different thoughts on what should and should not be done in an office, it never hurts to ask. Ask your staff what would make their jobs easier in the new space. Maybe adding more space inside the photocopier room or adding another chair to the breakroom is exactly what they need. Perhaps bigger desks would help them do their jobs more efficiently. Simply ask what would be the best option for them, and they will feel included and listened to—especially if you can incorporate their requests.

Inform Staff of the New Neighborhood

Is there an amazing deli just around the corner from your new office? How about a coffee shop that has rave reviews? Let your staff know about these little amenities and watch them get more and more excited about the move. Create a list of the nearby restaurants, shops, gyms, daycare centers, grocery stores, parks, and anything else that your employees may want to know.

Washington Express Movers

When you are ready to make the move from one office to the next, it’s time to call the professionals. Our office movers want to take as much of the stress and pressure of a cross-city move off of your shoulders as possible. There is no need to worry about the logistics—we can handle those. That way, you can focus on keeping business running smoothly, as usual. Reach out to us today and let us know when you need our services!