Safely Moving Your Large Items

Safely Moving Your Large Items

Your office is getting ready to move, and you have most of the logistics figured out. Your employees know where the new location is, they have already moved their personal items, and our team of commercial movers is going to handle your stuff for you. However, you may still be feeling uneasy about other parts of the move. We understand! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of our top moving tips to make you feel a little better about what you need to do for the move to be safe, quick, and successful.

Get Creative

Most of moving is not about brute strength. While we highly recommend that you leave the heavy items to us to move, we know you probably will want to move a few things on your own ahead of time. No problem! However, keep in mind what the challenges may be. Will the refrigerator fit through the door frame as it is? Will the couch cushions need to be removed ahead of time? Keeping a list of these things can make our job faster, and it can help you decide what is best left to the professionals versus what you can confidently handle. If you have any doubt in your mind about what you can safely lift, do not risk it. You could hurt yourself or damage the item beyond repair. That’s a huge waste of time, money, or both.

Take Off Attached Parts

Most office printers, scanners, and other large items come with attachable parts that can be removed. For example, your desks might have drawers that are removable. If this is the case, empty the drawers and remove them from the desk before you begin moving. For any item that you can’t remove the drawers, tape them shut to avoid them opening and closing during the move. You’ll also want to remove any protruding handles, chair legs, and knobs that might get in the way during your move. Just keep them in a safe place and thoroughly label them so you know where they belong! This will make your appliance lighter, and you won’t be as concerned with bumping those extra edges and damaging your equipment during the move.

Use Proper Protection

We will handle most of this for you, but you will know what to look for. Always use pads, blankets, or bubble wrap to firmly secure your larger items and furniture. However, make sure all items are firmly secured so nothing slips as you move. Even if you are being overly cautious, inexperienced furniture movers may feel less coordinated than usual. Trying to catch your balance while moving down the stairs might mean a damaged wall and a dented desk. By creating a barrier between these items, the damage will be minimized. Of course, trusting a professional team of movers might be the ideal way to go!

Pushing Instead of Pulling

Pushing tends to be much easier on your body than pulling, so do not be fearful of pushing heavy furniture as far as you can before you need to lift it. Pulling can add strain on your back that you do not need! However, if you are worried about the state of the hardwood floor or rug you need to push this item across, lay down some cardboard or an old sheet under the furniture, then push. This can prevent any scratches and will minimize the friction below, making it easier to push.

The safest way to move heavy items, such as desks, commercial printers, and more, is with specialized tools. While your business may not have these items, our team at Washington Express Movers does.

  • Lifting Straps: These work a lot like a pulley system. Our team can use these moving and lifting straps to effectively leverage our strength.
  • Furniture Dolly: This is just the upright tool with two wheels we use to stack heavy boxes. This is one of the most efficient and practical ways to move large and awkwardly shaped items.
  • Stair Rollers: Moving things up and down the stairs can be one of the scariest parts of transporting items. That’s why stair rollers are there to easily roll the items down the steps. However, these should only be used with more than one person and when the item can be safely guided.

Call Washington Express Movers

When it comes to a finding an experienced and professional commercial moving service for your Washington, DC business, it’s time to call us. Our team of professionals knows exactly how to handle your moving needs and can do so with care and attention to detail. To learn more about our services or schedule a moving date with us, contact us today! We look forward to working with you and safely transporting everything you need.